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Date: Sep 21, 2021

What’s worth knowing in economics?

Peter Andre (BGSE) and Armin Falk (Briq) asked 10,000 economists worldwide what they think economics should be working on and what its objectives should be? Many would like to see more policy relevance, interdisciplinarity, topic diversity, and risk-taking research for their discipline.

Science and research matter. They shape how we think about ourselves, how we live together, and how we design policies. What researchers work on, which topics they choose, and how they resolve trade-offs between different research objectives is therefore of central societal importance. However, the question about what is “interesting” and “worth knowing” cannot be answered scientifically. Instead, researchers must retreat to their intuition and personal value judgments.
Armin Falk

How do economists think about this “problem of problem choice”? Which fundamental research objectives do they think economists should pursue? Which research topics should they explore? In search for answers, researchers of the Department of Economics Peter Andre and Armin Falk conducted a global survey of almost 10,000 academic economists about their views on what is worth knowing in economics.

For details, download the full study or read the authors’ VoxEU column.

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