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Date: Aug 29, 2019

BGSE alumni receive 7-digit amount investment for their start-up CASE

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Students invest a lot of time and money to obtain a university degree. Yet, the complexity of higher education, with more than 480 institutions in Germany alone, makes it difficult to measure a student's achievement. Grading standards vary widely across institutions and faculties. And while some institutions demand a stellar CV from their students, others admit anyone who will pay for the course.

As a result, almost all the information about the hard work of students is lost. In the absence of long-term work experience, companies resort to one-time assessment tests and assessment centres to get to screen their applicants.
In 2016 BGSE alumni, Dr. Jan Bergerhoff together with Dr. Philipp Seegers and Dr. Max Hoyer founded candidate select (CASE)to change this. Based on their research as Ph.D. students they developed a scoring that creates a level-playing field across different degrees. "The CASE Score makes the application process fairer and has greater predictive power than most assessment tests" says Bergerhoff.

Now the entrepreneurs Rolf Schrömgens (Trivago) and Thomas Alt (Metaio) have invested an undisclosed 7-digit amount to help CASE with its proclaimed mission to make degrees comparable worldwide. "We believe that helping employers understand degrees across countries is an integral part of a frictionless labour market" says Seegers.

While they are focused on expanding CASE the founders keep in close contact with the university of Bonn. "We are open for scientific collaboration and have several open positions in the areas of data science, IT- and business development. Do get in touch." says Bergerhoff.

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