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Date: Jun 26, 2020

Equal Opportunity at ECONtribute: What we know, what we do & what we have achieved (so far)

Given the underrepresentation of female researchers in academia, the promotion of gender equality is a central structural objective of the Cluster of Excellence ECONtribute: Markets & Public Policy. Both the universities of Bonn and Cologne are giving a high priority to the promotion of female researchers by creating a diverse and inclusive environment and by offering a variety of support measures to female researchers.

On the basis of the new book “Women in Economics”, from the Centre of Economic Policy Research (CEPR), edited by Shelly Lundberg (Distinguished Professor of Economics at the University of California Santa Barbara), ECONtribute has analysed current data and research on the issues of gender economics. The book examines the role and progress of women in professional economics and reviews the barriers that women face at various stages of the training and promotional pipeline. It also evaluates programs designed to support and encourage female economists, and discusses the benefits of greater gender equality across the economics research profession.

Since its start in January 2019, ECONtribute has implemented several measures to promote equal opportunity within the Cluster of Excellence such as the award winning hiring concept (Jenny-Gusyk-Prize from the University of Cologne), increased its female professorial staff, introduced the ReStart Equal Opportunity Talks to raise public awareness as well as providing childcare facilities and Women-only Events.

ECONtribute has created two posters, that summarise the latest research of “Women in Economics” and combine it with the current equal opportunity measures within the cluster.


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