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Date: Nov 22, 2021

Job Market Candidates of 2021/22

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The Department of Economics' Job Market Candidates 2021/22 are: Felix Chopra, Ruben Dominguez Diaz, Sven Heuser, Nadezhda Zhuravleva, Christian Kubitza, Ludmila Matyskova and Boaz Zik.

Doctoral Students of the Bonn Graduate School of Economics


Felix Chopra

Media Persuasion and Consumption: Evidence from the Dave Ramsey Show

Areas: Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics

References: Armin Falk, Lorenz Goette, Florian Zimmermann, Thomas Graeber


Twitter: @FelixChopra


Rubén Domínguez Díaz

Precautionary Savings and Financial Frictions

Areas: Macroeconomics, inequality, fiscal, monetary, and labor market policies

References: Keith Kuester, Christian Bayer, Thomas Hintermaier




Sven Heuser

The Effects of Face-To-Face Conversations on Polarization: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment

Areas: Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics, Political Economy

References: Armin Falk, Simon Jäger, David Huffman, Florian Zimmermann


Twitter: @Sven_Heuser


Nadezhda Zhuravleva

How Bad Is Labor Market Concentration? Evidence From Soviet (Urban) Satellites

Area: Empirical macroeconomics, labor and macro labor, economic history

References: Christian Bayer, Moritz Schularick, Felipe Valencia Caicedo





Dr. Christian Kubitza

Investor-Driven Corporate Finance: Evidence from Insurance Markets

Areas: Financial economics, with a focus on financial intermediation, insurance, corporate finance, and financial stability

References: Farzad Saidi, Martin Oehmke, Loriana Pelizzon




Ludmila Matyskova, Ph.D.

Bayesian Persuasion With Costly Information Acquisition

Areas: microeconomic theory, game theory, information economics, behavioral economics with application to industrial organization

References: Dezsö Szalay, Jakub Steiner, Mark Dean




Boaz Zik, P.h.D

Coarse Learning and Strategic Communication

Areas: Economics theory, mechanism design, and information economics, with applications in public economics and industrial organization.

References: Benny Moldovanu, Stephan Lauermann, Alex Gershkov




  • Placement Director: Prof. Stephan Lauermann
  • Placement Office: Dr. Silke Kinzig,

In the years before (2016-2021), graduates of the Department of Economics received job offers from universities such as Harvard, Arizona State, University of Arizona, Notre Dame, Carnegie Mellon, Carlos III de Madrid, Florence (EUI), Copenhagen (Business School), Rotterdam (Erasmus University), University College London, Vienna, Berlin (HU) and Mannheim as well as by non-academic organizations such as the U. S. Federal Reserve Board, the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Canada.

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