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How to find us

Finding us in the Faculty of Law and Economics (Juridicum)

Ground floor
(level of the entrance towards Adenauerallee)

If you enter Juridicum through the Lennéstraße entracne (1st floor underground), climb the stairs up to the ground floor. You’ll find yourself in the foyer next to the Adenauerallee entrance.

From there, go to Lecture Hall K. Takes the stairs down to Lecture Hall H on the first floor underground.

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First floor underground

When facing Lecture Hall H, keep right. You’ll see signs guiding you to the BonnEconLab.

Pass through the door to your right and cross the hallway. The lab’s office (U1.019) is located on that hallway.

On the right-hand side at the end of the hallway, you’ll find a door behind which there is a staircase leading you down to the second floor underground. The PC pool of the laboratory is located at the foot of that staircase.

Eine Wissenschaftlerin und ein Wissenschaftler arbeiten hinter einer Glasfassade und mischen Chemikalien mit Großgeräten.
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Finding the Faculty of Law and Economics (Juridicum)

You can travel from the central train station by subway lines 16, 63, and 66 to the station “Juridicum” (timetable) or take the bus no. 610 to the station “Nassestraße/Arithmeum.”

Arriving in Bonn

By plane

The nearest airport is Köln-Bonn (Cologne-Bonn). If you arrive there please take either a taxi (about 30 minutes, €30–€40) or the airport bus (Bus no. 670) to Bonn Central Station (about 30 minutes, €8–€10). Another possibility is to arrive at Frankfurt Airport and take the train to Bonn Central Station (about 2 hours, around EUR 50).

By car

If you travel by car use this route planner: maps.google.com.

By train

If you travel by train (timetable), disembark at Bonn Central Station and walk (10 minutes) or proceed by taxi to the lab.

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