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Learning German

As an international student, a German course is recommended, even if German proficiency is not required.

We strongly urge those of you who have no or only limited knowledge of German to take German language classes.

For international students of the Master program in Economics, we offer an Intensive Beginner's class in German Language and Communication (level A1 CEFR), as well as an A2.2 course for advanced learners. They are free of charge for you. The courses take place

  1. Monday and Wednesday (12:15 - 1:45 pm): A1

  2. Wednesday (4:15-5:45 pm): A2.2

***Note that courses are scheduled to begin online. Rooms have been booked in the event that in-person instruction becomes possible***

If you wish to register for a German Language class (A1 or A2.2), please take the online placement test (see instructions below) and please fill in the following form by September 30.


  • the German language class is taught  by a professional and experienced  language teacher
  • the language program includes  weekly online classroom sessions as well as eLearning sessions, which  you can do at your own leisure
  •  students who attend classes regularly will be awarded a certificate  of participation. They also have the  option to take a final exam and  receive a grade


At Level A1 you will learn to:

  •  employ the most common phrases  needed to interact in situations you  will encounter at a German university
  •  introduce yourself and others and  answer questions about personal de-  tails such as where you live, people  you know and things you do
  •  interact in a simple way provided the  other person talks slowly and clearly  and is prepared to help

At Level A2.2 you will learn to:

  • inquire about housing, find an apartment
  • talk about cultural interests
  • understand product and movie descriptions
  • speak and write using past tense
  • leave a message on the phone
  • talk about career aspirations
  • understand German job offers, job  descriptions, CVs and applications
  • understand and follow recipes


Please note that we ask you to do an online test before registering.

  • The test consists of 64 questions. Allow approximately one hour for the test.

  • Make sure you will not be disturbed while completing the test.

  • Please use a computer, not a smart phone.

  •  As the test includes audios, please ensure that your computer can play those.

  • The test covers the levels A1- C1. The further you proceed in the test, the more challenging the questions become. Please leave out questions you cannot answer and finish the test once you have reached the point at which all the questions are too difficult.

After you have finished the test, you will receive an email. Please print it (with the score clearly visible) and show it to your teacher in the first session of the course. Depending on your score, you can register for one of the following courses:



0-24 points


25-48 points


49-72 points


73-96 points


97-120 points


more than 120 points

Please contact SLZ (contact form)



  •  Additional German language classes at various levels are offered by the University of Bonn's central International Office. They start in the 4th week of the semester and there is a charge of € 90. More information is here.


  • If you have advanced German skills, classes offered by the university Spachlernzentrum at level B2.2, C1.1, C1.2 might be of interest to you (although they are geared primarily towards Bachelor students whose programs are offered entirely in German). Find the information for registration here. If you need more information on the courses offered by the Sprachlernzentrum, please contact: Janina Renard: Janina Renard; M.A.; 0228 73-54113;; Lennéstraße 6, 53113 Bonn, Room 3.031

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