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26.11.2019: WIWI Konkret "Buying Steering Wheels with Game Theory"

26.11.2019: WIWI Konkret "Buying Steering Wheels with Game Theory"

Benjamin Schickner

Donnerstag, den 26 Novemver 2018 lädt der Fachbereich wieder zu einem Vortrag aus der Praxis ein:

Benjamin Schickner, BGSE Absolvent und Berater bei TWS Partners, stellt vor wie TWS Partners mit wirtschaftwissenschaftlichen Konzepten den traditionellen Beschaffungsprozess von Projektbeginn bis zur Ausschreibung schrittweise anhand einer Fallstudie verbessert. In seinem Vortrag wird Benjamin auch Einblicke in seine Erfahrungen und die Herausforderungen des Wechsels von der akademischen in die industrielle Praxis geben, insbesondere in die Beratung.

Über Benjamin:

Benjamin obtained a B.Sc. in mathematics from the University of Bonn in 2011. He then studied for a Ph.D. in Economics under the auspices of the Bonn Graduate School of Economics (BGSE), where he wrote his dissertation focusing on topics related to game theory and mechanism design. During his doctoral studies, he did a one-year research stay at Yale University. Eager to apply the knowledge acquired during his studies in practice, Benjamin joined TWS Partners AG, where he advises bluechip companies, mostly in the automotive industry, on how to use game theory in order to optimize their procurement negotiations by preparing, designing, and conducting large scale tenders.

TWS Partners AG

TWS Partners AG was founded in 2001 as a spin-off from industry and research. Amongst its founders is Professor Achim Wambach, President of the Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW). As a boutique consultancy, TWS Partners AG specializes in applying industrial economics and game theory in practice. A special focus is placed on procurement, where TWS Partners AG has completed more than 2,200 projects with a volume of more than 250 billion euros. Since its foundation, TWS Partners AG has continuously grown and now consists of more than 70 consultants split among the two offices in Munich and London. Most employees have a background in economics, mathematics or physics with close to 50% holding a doctoral degree in their field of study.


Buying Steering Wheels with Game Theory

In his talk Benjamin will discuss a case study from his working life at TWS Partners AG. He will start with a short explanation of how pro-curement usually works in blue-chip companies and will highlight the increased im-portance of procurement in today’s highly specialized industries. The main part of the talk will then focus on how TWS Partners AG uses economic concepts to improve the traditional procurement process by going step-by-step through a case study, from the start of the project until the tender itself. During his talk, Benjamin will also give insights into his experiences and the challenges of switching from academia to industry, in particular consulting.

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