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Mandatory Mask at the Lecture Halls/3 G Rule/2 G identity cards

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Here you find a message from our Study Dean of the faculty for your information:

Dear students,

I would like to inform you that, in addition to the existing Corona protection measures, the University has introduced a mandatory mask (FFP2 or medical mask) for all events, including lectures, with immediate effect. Lecturers as well as participants are allowed to remove the mask during their speech. Masks must also be worn on the benches and other seating areas in the university buildings, especially in the lounge at the Juri§hop! Details can be found here.

At the same time I would like to announce that from 6.12. we will always (and no longer only randomly) carry out an identity check at the entrances of the Juridicum. Thus, the control staff will ask for proof of identity with each immunization or test. If this cannot be presented, the building may not be entered. This applies even if you are only leaving the building for a short period of time.

To make it easier for you and the screening staff, I would like to suggest that you obtain the 2G ID card offered by the University in the next few days. This card identifies your immunization status and shows a photograph, so you will only have to show this card during the controls. It therefore replaces the vaccination certificate and ID card. You can get these 2G cards in the main building of the university, i.e. in the castle, at the checkroom. The card issuing office in the main building is open Monday-Friday from 10am-1pm. Please bring student or employee ID, proof of immunization or convalescence, and an ID card. A photo will be taken on site, and the procedure takes only a few minutes. Further information also about other issuing points on the Poppelsdorf campus can be found here.

Thank you very much for your willingness to cooperate and your sense of responsibility. Already in my last message I wrote: How long we may continue face-to-face teaching also depends on how we deal with this possibility. So far, the incidences at the university are very low. Let's do everything together to keep it that way. This applies to behavior at the university as well as in our free time. Especially if you know that there have been infections in your environment, you should be especially careful and get tested, although regular rapid tests are of course a good idea even without concrete suspicion. You can find testing facilities also near the university here.

Best regards,
Moritz Brinkmann


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