Doctoral Students

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Avatar  Martin Acht
Martin Acht
Development Economics, Political Economy, Experimental Economics
Avatar  Branislav Albert
Branislav Albert
Computational Economics, Monetary Economics
Avatar  Andrea Amelio
Andrea Amelio
Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Microeconomic Theory, Mechanism Design
Avatar  Antonia Antweiler
Antonia Antweiler
Econometrics, Labor Economics
Avatar  Christian Apenbrink
Christian Apenbrink
BGSE member since: winter 2016/17
Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics
Avatar  Shaily Bahuguna
Shaily Bahuguna
Microeconomic Theory, Behavioural Economics, Bayesian Game Theory, Behavioural Finance
Avatar  Paul Behler
Paul Behler
Applied Econometrics and Experimental Economics
Avatar  Simon Block
Simon Block
Microeconomic Theory, Behavioral Economics
Avatar  Elif Bodur
Elif Bodur
Empirical Microeconomics
Avatar  Marcel Brambeer
Marcel Brambeer
Financial Economics, Econometrics and Statistics, Macroeconomics
Avatar  Christina Brinkmann
Christina Brinkmann
Financial Stability, Public Finance, Microeconomics Foundation (Search/Bargaining)
Avatar  Luis Calderon
Luis Calderon
History and Macroeconomics with Experiences in Applied-Micro
Avatar  Kailin Chen
Kailin Chen
Market Microstructure and Information Design
Avatar  Simon Cordes
Simon Cordes
Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics and Microeconomic Theory
Avatar  Melina Cosentino
Melina Cosentino
Microeconomic Theory
Avatar  Lisa Dähne
Lisa Dähne
Applied Econometrics, Finance
Avatar  Dominik Damast
Dominik Damast
Financial Economics, Applied Microeconometrics
Avatar  Cavit Görkem Destan
Cavit Görkem Destan
Experimental Economics
Avatar  Günnur Ege Destan
Günnur Ege Destan
Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Matching Theory
Avatar  Sonja Dobkowitz
Sonja Dobkowitz
Macroeconomics, Inequality, Public Finance, Environmental Economics
Avatar  Martin Dohmen
Martin Dohmen
Empirical Macroeconomics, Economic History
Avatar  Ruben Dominguez Díaz
Ruben Dominguez Díaz
Avatar  Ricardo Duque Gabriel
Ricardo Duque Gabriel
Macroeconomics, Finance, Economic History
Avatar  Laura Ehrmantraut
Laura Ehrmantraut
Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics
Avatar  Antonia Entorf
Antonia Entorf
Behavioral Economics, Microeconometrics, Labor Economics
Avatar  Bilge Ertürk
Bilge Ertürk
Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Political Economics
Avatar  Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans
Behavioral Economics, Metascience
Avatar  Chencheng Fang
Chencheng Fang
Econometrics and Statistics, Causal Inference, Time Series
Avatar  Marco Forti
Marco Forti
Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics
Avatar  Jörn-Niklas Frerking
Jörn-Niklas Frerking
Public Economics, Labor Economics
Avatar  Timo Freyer
Timo Freyer
Microeconomic Theory, Applied Microeconomics
Avatar  Janos Gabler
Janos Gabler
Microeconometrics, Structural Econometrics, Applied Microeconomics
Avatar  Alexandros Gilch
Alexandros Gilch
Computational Economics, Econometrics, Finance
Avatar  Matthias Gnewuch
Matthias Gnewuch
Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy
Avatar  Paul Grass
Paul Grass
Public Economics, Applied Econometrics, Behavioral and Experimental Economics
Avatar  Maximilian Grimm
Maximilian Grimm
Macro-Finance, Economic History
Avatar  Laurenz Richard Kuno Günther
Laurenz Richard Kuno Günther
Behavioral Economics, Economic History, Political Economics
Avatar  Deniz Güzel
Deniz Güzel
Science Policy, Applied Economics, Microeconomics
Avatar  Oleksii Hamaniuk
Oleksii Hamaniuk
Statistics and Econometrics, Political Economics
Avatar  Philipp Hamelmann
Philipp Hamelmann
Game Theory, Network Theory, Microeconomic Theory
Avatar  Susanna Hassinen
Susanna Hassinen
Behavioural Economics
Avatar  Simon Heiler
Simon Heiler
Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Computational Economics
Avatar  Peter Heinemann
Peter Heinemann
Macroeconomics and Public Economics, Financial Economics
Avatar  Luca Henkel
Luca Henkel
Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Microeconomic Theory
Avatar  Tobias Herbst
Tobias Herbst
Financial Economics, Econometrics & Statistics
Avatar  Sven Heuser
Sven Heuser
Behavioral Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Avatar  Sebastian Hildebrand
Sebastian Hildebrand
Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Inequality
Avatar  Chui Yee Ho
Chui Yee Ho
Labor Economics
Avatar  Jonas Holler
Jonas Holler
Applied Microeconomic Theory
Avatar  Radost Holler
Radost Holler
Labor Economics, Social Economics, Economics of Education
Avatar  Björn Höppner
Björn Höppner
Financial Economics, Econometrics and Statistics
Avatar  Marvin Immesberger
Marvin Immesberger
Macroeconomics, Public Economics, Political Economy
Avatar  Julius Kappenberg
Julius Kappenberg
Econometrics and Statistics, Financial Economics
Avatar  Valentin Kecht
Valentin Kecht
Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics, Political Economics
Avatar  Thomas Kohler
Thomas Kohler
Microeconomic Theory, Behavioral Economics
Avatar  Martin Kornejew
Martin Kornejew
Macroeconomics, Finance, Statistics
Avatar  Malte Kornemann
Malte Kornemann
Microeconomic theory especially game theory
Avatar  Marta Kozakiewicz
Marta Kozakiewicz
Microeconomic Theory, Behavioral Economics, Contract Theory
Avatar  Philipp Krähmer
Philipp Krähmer
Microeconomics, Game Theory, Mechanism Design
Avatar  Sophie Alexandra Kreutzkamp
Sophie Alexandra Kreutzkamp
Microeconomic Theory
Avatar  Patrick Lahr
Patrick Lahr
Microeconomic Theory, Mechanism Design, Social Choice Theory
Avatar  Alexander Laubel
Alexander Laubel
Applied Microeconomics, Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics
Avatar  Chen Lin
Chen Lin
Labor Economics, Behavioral Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Avatar  Theresa Linhard
Theresa Linhard
Macroeconomics and Public Economics
Avatar  Siwen Liu
Siwen Liu
Microeconomic theory, Mechanism design, Market design
Avatar  Louis Luther
Louis Luther
Microeconomic Theory, Econometrics and Statistics
Avatar  Laurenz Severin Marstaller
Laurenz Severin Marstaller
Organisational Economics, Industrial Organisations, Microeconomics
Avatar  Daniele Mauriello
Daniele Mauriello
Applied Microeconomics, Microeconomic Theory
Avatar  Moritz Mendel
Moritz Mendel
Environmental Economics, Structural Modelling and Applied Econometrics
Avatar  Tim Mensinger
Tim Mensinger
Econometrics and Statistics, Causal Inference
Avatar  Timothy Meyer
Timothy Meyer
Macroeconomics, Statistics
Avatar  Robin Musolff
Robin Musolff
Game Theory, Economic Theory
Avatar  Leanne Jae Youn Nam
Leanne Jae Youn Nam
Macroeconomics and Public Economics, Financial Economics
Avatar  Axel Niemeyer
Axel Niemeyer
Microeconomic Theory
Avatar  Daniel Nogues Kollert
Daniel Nogues Kollert
Econometrics & Statistics, Microeconomic Theory
Avatar  Tim Normann
Tim Normann
Macroeconomics, Public Economics
Avatar  Francisco Osswald do Amaral
Francisco Osswald do Amaral
Macroeconomics, Public Economics, Financial Economics
Avatar  Ana Sofia Pessoa
Ana Sofia Pessoa
Monetary Economics, Financial Economics, Macroeconomics
Avatar  Mariam Petrosyan
Mariam Petrosyan
Monetary and Fiscal Policy, Open Economy Macroeconomics
Avatar  Justus Preusser
Justus Preusser
Microeconomic Theory, Applied Microeconomics, Econometrics
Avatar  Tobias Rachidi
Tobias Rachidi
Collective Decision-Making
Avatar  Yana Radeva
Yana Radeva
Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Economics of Education
Avatar  Lorenzo Ranaldi
Lorenzo Ranaldi
Empirical Macroeconomics, Macroeconometrics
Avatar  Miguel Risco Bermejo
Miguel Risco Bermejo
Microeconomic Theory
Avatar  Ole Rücker
Ole Rücker
Microeconomic Theory
Avatar  Kilian Russ
Kilian Russ
Microeconomic Theory, Behavioural Economics, Public Economics
Avatar  Miriam Ruß
Miriam Ruß
Environmental Economics, Microeconomics Theory
Avatar  Paul Schäfer
Paul Schäfer
Behavioral Economics, Applied Microeconometrics, Experimental Economics, Mechanism Design
Avatar  Jan Hendrik Scherer
Jan Hendrik Scherer
Econometrics and Statistics
Avatar  Philipp Schirmer
Philipp Schirmer
Microeconomic Theory, Information Economics und Applied Microeconomics
Avatar  Lennard Schlattmann
Lennard Schlattmann
Macroeconomics and Public Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Avatar  Johannes Schmieden
Johannes Schmieden
Financial Economics, Behavioral Economics
Avatar  Finn Schmieter
Finn Schmieter
Microeconomic Theory, Information Economics, Statistics, Econometrics
Avatar  Fabian Schmitz
Fabian Schmitz
Microeconomic Theory
Avatar  Georg Schneider
Georg Schneider
Behavioral Economics
Avatar  Anna Schulze Tilling
Anna Schulze Tilling
Behavioral Economics, Environmental Economics
Avatar  Malin Siemers
Malin Siemers
Experimental Economics, Political Economy
Avatar  Leon Sieverding
Leon Sieverding
Microeconomic Theory, Behavioral Economics
Avatar  Lenard Paul Simon
Lenard Paul Simon
Applied Microeconomics, Labour Economics
Avatar  Silvio Sorbera
Silvio Sorbera
Mechanism Design, Auction Theory
Avatar  Alina Sowa
Alina Sowa
Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Development Economics
Avatar  Gero Stiepelmann
Gero Stiepelmann
Macroeconomics and Public Economics, Financial Economics
Avatar  Fabio Stohler
Fabio Stohler
Macroeconomics, Computational Economics
Avatar  Valentin Stumpe
Valentin Stumpe
Behavioral Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Resource Economics
Avatar  Mark Toth
Mark Toth
Macroeconomics and Public Economics
Avatar  Lixing Wang
Lixing Wang
Econometrics and Statistics, Macroeconomics and Public Economics
Avatar  Johannes Weber
Johannes Weber
Applied Microeconomics
Avatar  Jakob Wegmann
Jakob Wegmann
Applied Microeconomics, Public Economics
Avatar  Maximilian Weiß
Maximilian Weiß
Dynamic Macroeconomics, Optimal Growth Theory, Statistics
Avatar  Letícia Wendt Mitani
Letícia Wendt Mitani
Avatar  Alexander Winter
Alexander Winter
Microeconomic Theory, Mechanism Design, Information Economics
Avatar  Nadezhda Zhuravleva
Nadezhda Zhuravleva
Microeconomic Foundations of Macroeconomics, Applied Econometrics, Institutional Theory
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