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Master of Science in Economics

The program “Master of Science in Economics” at the University of Bonn is a two-year program held in English that started in Winter 2006/07 with the first group of students. While it is a new degree program, it builds on 25 years of experience in the Department of Economics.

The Master program is aimed at two goals: It provides students with the qualification and skills needed to succeed in an increasingly international job market, and it serves as excellent preparation for further graduate studies with the goal of writing a doctoral thesis meeting highest international standards.

The program builds on a solid foundation in quantitative methods and provides extensive knowledge in economic theory as well as in statistical and econometrical methods.

It provides students with a thorough understanding of the principles of economic theory and its applications in various fields. The program acquaints graduate students with the methodological framework underlying current research and current academic debates and enables them to apply their knowledge to a broad range of economic problems. 

For more detailed information and the link to the University of Bonn Online Application Portal, please visit the homepage of the Bonn Graduate School of Economics (BGSE).

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