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Students acquire 7,5 ECTS for all modules except for the project modules and the Master thesis. They acquire 15 ECTS for the project modules and 30 ECTS for the Master thesis. All Basic modules are offered in winter semesters, all advanced moduels in yearly cycles. Most of the project modules are offered in winter semesters.


At the end of every semester, students have to take written or oral examinations to complete their courses.
Examinations can be taken during two examination periods, the first beginning shortly after the end of the semester in which the module was offered, the second one directly preceding the following semester. Students can decide which examination period they want to select for which examination. They can take the exams for the basic and advanced modules up to three times to pass them. In order to improve their grades, students also have the option to retake the written exams of the basic modules during the second exam period. Rewriting exams to improve grades is not possible for the advanced modules. Student generally take four examinations per semester.

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