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Voluntary work in the University

Studying takes time and energy, yet commitment as a balance is very popular and offers the opportunity to gain important key skills: Many students do voluntary work in student initiatives. Depending on your own interests, this can still be close to your own subject - or something completely different!

Their versatile work enriches the university's offer and thus contributes to hands-on experience outside of the university. At the University of Bonn, there are numerous student groups that enrich the university life socially, culturally, university-politically and in many other ways. By the way, communication skills, personal responsibility and team skills are trained. Here are examples of some student initiatives.

All Initiatives and University Groups:

AIESEC, Lokalkomitee Bonn

AiesecAIESEC is the world's largest youth-led organization dedicated to providing young people with effective intercultural exchange experiences. Since 1948, AIESEC Germany has sent volunteers to projects in nearly 20 countries to work on issues such as education, health care and sustainability. We offer the opportunity to meet other students from different cultural backgrounds, to live and work with them.

 BIMUN/SINUB e.V. - Bonn International Model United Nations

In 2002, BIMUN/SINUB e. V. was foundedBIMUN SINUB e.V..jpg by students of Bonn University with the goal to hold an annual Model United Nations conference.Ever since, teams of volunteering students have supported and extended the association’s activities.


ERASMUS Student Network Bonn (ESN Bonn e.V.)

We, the International Exchange Erasmus Student Network Bonn e.V., want to improve the integration of foreign people and facilitate their stay in Bonn. We promote international exchange, mainly through social and cultural events on Germany and other countries for German and international people. We want to achieve this by initiating, supporting and carrying out excursions, seminars, workshops and events with national and international participants.

 IAESTE-Lokalkomitee Bonn

The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience, or IAESTE, is an international, non-political, independent organization for arranging internships abroad. They volunteer for students from the University of Bonn to do an internship abroad and at the same time take care of foreign students who come to Germany for an internship.                                                                                                                                         

Sea-Eye Hochschulgruppe

The association Sea-Eye e.V. ( operates two ships  to save shipwrecked refugees from drowning in the Mediterranean. Sea Eye provides first aid and helps the refugees with life-jackets and drinking water.
Sea-Eye monitors and documents violations of human rights, provides for injured people on board in the infirmary, adheres to the worldwide rules of rescue, and finances itself primarily with the help of donations.
The university group wants to support this work with the commitment of Bonn students.

Studenteninitiative Weitblick Bonn e.V.

Weitblick Bonn e.V. was founded in 2008 in Münster as the second visionary city for students of various disciplines. The aim is to improve the educational opportunities for disadvantaged people. This not only means the promotion of educational projects abroad, but to our understanding begins on your own doorstep ...

Studieren ohne Grenzen - Studying without borders

Studieren Ohne Grenzen (Studying without borders) is an offshoot of the French organization Études Sans Frontières, which started in 2003 to help Chechen students study in France. Today it is committed to educational opportunities worldwide.

Freundeskreis Bonn-Toulouse e.V.

The student circle of friends Bonn-Toulouse e. V. is a student group at the University of Bonn. Bonn-Toulouse.pngAs a non-profit charitable organization, it aims to foster contacts between German and French students and to provide a forum for French life and culture to students interested in France from all faculties.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

UNICEF - University Group Bonn

UNICEF Germany is committed to the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and contributes considerably to the financing of aid programs in developing countries. UNICEF Germany is supported nationwide by the UNICEF working groups, such as the Bonn University Group, which implement the goals and tasks of the UN Children's Fund on a local level.



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