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Who advises me on career and application?


During stuying some of the following questions frequently arise:

  • What can I do professionally after my studies?
  • Which occupational fields are of interest to me?
  • Where do I search for interesting offers for internships and entry-level jobs?
  • How do I gain the professional experience required in so many job postings?
  • What do employers lay emphasis on when hiring?
  • Is a Master / PhD useful for a career entry?

In the Department, study manager Vera Häckel is available for consultation.

Vera Häckel
Phone: 0228 / 73-9451

Juridicum / Zi. 0.037

In addition, the University's Career Center offers answers and assistance:

Open consultation: transition from studying to job

25-minute counseling sessions with information, tips and hints on career orientation and entry into the profession.

Orientation counseling for career entry

Employees from the team "Academic Professions" of the Agentur für Arbeit Bonn will discuss with you in a 45-minute free consultation your questions that arise with regard to their entry into the profession.

Short career advice - answer to questions, point out perspectives

Especially when entering professional life, there are many unanswered questions and feelings of insecurity. Often the first steps are critical to the personal career development, so sharing an open question can be very helpful.

Help with applications

Whether application portfolio check, coaching for job interviews or creating an application timetable - the Career Center helps.

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