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Job opportunities with a degree in economics

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Economics graduates have many career opportunities with a successful completion of their studies.

Facts about the labor market:
Economists have a good chance on the labor market: The already low unemployment figures have dropped in 2017, according to a study by the German Federal Statistical Office. In addition, the demand for economic experts has continued to increase.

In any case, it is advisable to gain experience and to specialize in internships.
Job offers are rarely explicitly looking for economists, but it is worthwhile to have a close look on job advertisements for business economists, social scientists or consultants and to match the required knowledge and characteristics with your own abilities.

Possible fields of work:

Businesses & Banks & Insurance Companies

Economists not only create macroeconomic forecasts in economic departments as a COLOURBOX12137710.jpgdecision-making basis for management, but are also in demand because of their abilities as analysts in the market research department.

In the data age, economists with their statistical and analytical know-how also become involved in decisions for purchasing and procurement management, sales and distribution management or in finance and accounting.

In addition, with their knowledge they can work in internal management consulting or in strategic management.

Human resources management is also a potential field for economists: for example, they take over the personnel planning or the maintenance of personnel statistics there.

Besides all this, Risk management in banks and insurance companies is a classic area for economists.


In consultancies, economists act as classic consultants and advise companies. COLOURBOX1004980.jpg

In the versatile, methodically demanding study of economics, economists learn the ability to solve complex problems efficiently.

They also work in data management and carry out market analyses.


International Organisations

Economists provide policy consultancy in international organizations such as the OECD, the World Bank or the European Commission as well as in economic research institutes.



Universities and Research Institutes


With a successfully completed master's program one can decide for a career at the university or in research.

Here you can work in teaching as a lecturer, in research and in adult education.



Politics & Public Service

In federal and state ministries, economists create strategic plans, advise politicians, and predict the economic impact of Internationale Organisationenpolicies.

Regulatory authorities such as the Federal Network Agency or the Federal Cartel Office also use knowledge about the functioning of markets.


Non-Profit Organisations

NGOSimilarly, development policy, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and environmental and resource management require economists to plan strategically, analyze data, and calculate the economic impact of actions




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