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Courses, Modules, Seminars

Basic Modules

In the first semester, students choose four out of five basic modules, which give them an in-depth understanding of the basics of the subject and prepare them optimally for the further course of their studies. The following five basic modules are offered:

The basic module Mathematics for Economists is mandatory for all students, of the remaining four basic modules at least three must be taken.

Advanced and research modules

In the second and third semesters, students determine their individual study profile through the selection of advanced modules that cover at least two and at most four areas of the six economic study programs.

These advanced modules deal with current topics of economic research, deal critically with the current literature and provide the students with a deeper understanding of the conceptual and methodological assumptions of different approaches.

In addition to these advanced modules, students complete a research module. This seminar serves to further introduce the students to the current research, to deepen their scientific and analytical skills and to deal with current topics of the respective field of study. The aim is to work independently on the basis of a joint economic research project, to formulate research questions and to develop an own research approach.


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