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Schedule First Semester

This is your first semester! The timetable for the 1st semester in the M.Sc. Economics is based on the recommended curriculum.

We will offer all basic modules (= lectures of the first semester) online in winter semester 2021/22. Lectures start on October 11 and end on January 28. the first exam period starts on Janury 31st.

By contrast, we are planning to offer all exams in January, February and March in an in-classroom format. This is, however, subject to change.


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In the first Semester you need to attend Mathematics for Economics and choose one tutorial. In addition, you need to choose three out of four Basic Modules:

  • Finance
  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Econometrics


We recommend to attend all Basic Modules in the first weeks, and then to decide which ones you want to take. Also, we strongly recommend choosing Microeconomics, because there is a strong Microeconomics focus in Bonn.

As an international studend you are free to also attend a German language course:

  • Tuesday (18:15-19:45): A1
  • Thursday (18:15-19:45) : A1
  • Thursday ((18:15-19:45): A2.


Electronic class schedule

All classes offered at the University of Bonn are listed in the electronic class schedule (BASIS). You can browse through the schedule without having to log in. Once you have received your individual account, you will be able to log in and then to register for exams electronically and to see your current transcript.

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