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Student Association

The student association of the Department of Economics (Fachschaft VWL Universität Bonn) includes both elected and non-elected students of the Department of Economics and is committed to representing the interests of all Economics students - whether Bachelor, Master, or PhD.

Their overall goal is to be the mouthpiece of the students, to contribute their ideas, wishes and comments and to make studies easier.

Representatives sit on the Economics Exams committee, the departmental meeting of all professors, the meeting of the Faculty of Law and Economics, or are members of the general student council of the University of Bonn. Student representatives are also involved when new positions are filled and sit on the many different search committees of the Department of Economics.

During the semester, the student association organizes various events: In addition to the orientation program for incoming Bachelor students, they organize a series of lectures called “Inside Research” which gives interesting insights into the current research of our Economics professors and doctoral students.

The student associations holds regular office hours where students can ask questions or just chat with the student representatives. Students interested in joining are welcome to come by during the public student council meetings, Thursdays at 8:00 pm in the faculty room.

You find the office of the student association in the small building in front of the Juridicum in the direction of Lennéstrasse.




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