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Student Council (Fachschaft VWL)

The Fachschaft VWL is the representation of all students at the Department of Economics.

The Fachschaftsvertretung (FSV) VWL is elected annually by all students who study economics.Student association 2021 Every student enrolled in the Bachelor's Degree Program in Economics or the Master's Degree Program Economics has the right to vote. Likewise, everyone can stand for election.

The Presidium of the Student Council is the supreme body of the Student Council. The audit committee keeps a check on the expenses of the financial officer of the student council. The FSV meets regularly to discuss and decide on the basic questions that concern them. It elects and supervises the Student Council (FSR), consisting of the board and speakers. The Student Council is the executive body and is referred to by most as "Fachschaft".


The Student Council offers leisure activities for first-year students, organizes business workshops and excursions, provides pre-exams to prepare for exams or organizes the legendary VWLer party.


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