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Tobias König - University of Bonn

"Systemic Bank Runs", w/ Rustam Jamilov, Karsten Müller, and Farzad Saidi)


We quantify the economic cost of systemic bank runs in terms of losses in output and credit. Leveraging a comprehensive dataset spanning 1800-2022, encompassing 178 countries, we define a systemic bank run as an event characterized by aggregate deposit outflows corroborated by narrative evidence. We define a systemic bank run as an event of aggregate deposit outflows accompanied by narrative evidence for a bank run. We find that banking crises that are accompanied by systemic bank runs cause higher output losses and a more severe decline in credit conditions. We demonstrate that even quantitative bank runs without narrative evidence for a systemic run or a banking panic cause significant output losses of up to 7% and a decline in credit-to-GDP of about 15-20%. Additionally, using historical bank-level data, we show that the decline in loans during systemic runs is exclusively driven by those banks that face an actual outflow of deposits. 

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  • Speaker: Tobias König
  • Time: Wednesday, 20.12.2023, 14:45 - 15:45
  • Location: Faculty Lounge, Room 0.036 / Online via Zoom
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