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The Department of Economics offers an undergraduate and an graduate program leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Volkswirtschaftslehre (BSc) and Master of Science in Economics (MSc) . However, the doctoral program at the Bonn Graduate School of Economics is open to international students. There is no tuition and financial aid is available to qualified students. For more information see here .

The department is also a Marie Curie training site selected by the European Commission to offer on a competitive basis fellowships to doctoral students having completed a Master degree in economics who are EU-nationals (or national of an associated state) and wish to obtain graduate education (at the course work stage) or training in research (at the dissertation stage) at the University of Bonn. Fellowships are available each year for stays ranging from 3 to 10 months. Any highly qualified student with a master degree in economics already enrolled in a doctoral program is welcome to apply for these fellowships. For more information contact Prof. Dr. Benny Moldovanu .

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