Funding for theses

Financing grants for seminar papers and theses from quality improvement funds are generally possible. In this case, please contact the study management by mail.

Grants from quality improvement funds are awarded for

  • seminar papers (B.Sc. VWL: module "Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten" and M.Sc. Economics: "Research Module")
  • Final theses (Bachelor and Master thesis).
  • Grants for final theses are given priority over grants for seminar papers.

Students majoring in economics are eligible to apply:

  • of the Bachelor's program "Volkswirtschaftslehre",
  • of the Bachelor's program Law & Economics
  • of the master's program in Economics.

Before you buy anything (e.g. data set) or make any outlays, please be sure to talk to Ms. Häckel, as subsequent reimbursements are hardly possible.

Vera Häckel

Student advising, studying with a handicap, study management, evaluation, equality


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Study Management Economics
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