Transfer of Credits to the Study Program Master in Economics

  • You have to hand in an application for transfer of credits for each individual credit in case you want to transfer credits. Please use the applicable form (below).
  • Transfer of credit applications may be handed in each semester.

Note: Having registered (even if you later withdraw) for an exam in your MSc in Economics studies in Bonn, you may not later hand in a transfer of credit application for this particular exam. If credits are transferred, this will be effected without a grade and with a "passed" remark. A transfer of credits will be shown as such on your Certificate.

Applications for transfer of credits can be submitted by email.

Please send the completed and signed transfer of credits form (see below) as a pdf file with all necessary documents (transcript, module description(s) in individual PDFs, not bundled; not the complete course catalog(!)) via email to by the end of the specified deadline for the respective semester (see schedule).

Transfer of credits only upon request

Students may decide on a semester-by-semester basis to apply for recognition of individual course credits. The Examination Committee determines for each semester up to which point in the semester a request for recognition can be submitted. Requests submitted after the announced end date can only be considered for the following semester. If no significant difference is found between the examination applied for transfer and the one to be replaced, the examination will be transferred and entered without a grade, in the case of passed examinations, with the remark "passed". There is no automatic transfer of credit. There is no transfer of failed attempts.

Refusal of Enrollment/Studying in Bonn impossible

In case an examination required for the respective study program according to the corresponding Examination Regulations has been failed in its final attempt at a university or an institution of higher education in Germany, it is not possible to enroll. The same applies to study programs that show a substantial content similarity as determined by the corresponding Examination Regulations.

In case of doubt whether your study program shows a substantial content similarity or is identical, please contact the Examination Office before enrollment. 

Forms for the Transfer of Credits Master Program in Economics (and MSc Mathematics)

Please select, according to your preliminary studies, in which form you need to fill in the respective module examination. The module descriptions for the MSc in Economics, published on the website of the Department of Economics, will help you match your preliminary studies to the appropriate modules in Bonn.


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