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Where economic theory meets data
We use observational data and experimental data from the lab and from the field to test and improve economic theories of decision-making.

Institute for Applied Microeconomics

The Institute for Applied Microeconomics is currently looking for student assistants.
Applications are accepted until the positions are filled.

The research conducted at the Institute for Applied Micro­economics (IAME) covers a broad range of topics, including

  • labor economics, the economics of education, and human develop­ment,
  • preference formation, evolution of social norms, and cognitive and affective deter­minants of decision-making,
  • health and environ­mental economics,
  • industrial organization, managerial economics, and per­sonnel eco­nomics.

In our research, we apply micro­economic theory, we conduct lab and field experi­ments, we analyze survey and admin­is­trative data using state-of-the-art micro­econo­metric methods, and we col­laborate with psy­cholo­gists and neuro­scien­tists.

In Bonn we collaborate with BGSE, BonnEconLab, and CENs, as well as IZA and MPI for Re­search on Col­lec­tive Goods.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Dohmen
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June 2024

The article “Sto­ries, Sta­tis­tics, and Mem­o­ry” by Florian Zim­mer­­mann and co­au­thors was pub­lished in the Quar­ter­ly Jour­nal of Eco­nom­ics.

Falk, Armin 1:1
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May 2024

After having been on leave to serve as CEO of briq—In­sti­tute on Be­hav­ior and In­equal­i­ty, Armin Falk has returned to the In­sti­tute for Ap­plied Micro­eco­nom­ics as full pro­fes­sor. Wel­come back, Armin!

Schiprowski, Amelie
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April 2024

The article “In­ter­view Se­quences and the For­ma­tion of Sub­jec­tive As­sess­ments” by Jonas Rad­bruch and Ame­lie Schi­prow­ski was pub­lished in the Re­view of Eco­nom­ic Studies.

Prof. Botond Kőszegi, Ph.D.
© B. Kőszegi
March 2024

The article “Un­der­stand­ing Mar­kets with So­cial­ly Re­spon­si­ble Con­sum­ers” by Bo­tond Kő­sze­gi and co­authos was pub­lished in the Quar­ter­ly Jour­nal of Eco­nom­ics.

Dr. Hannah Illing
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March 2024

The article “The Gen­der Gap in Earn­ings Losses After Job Dis­place­ment” by Hannah Illing and coauthors was published in the Journal of the Euro­pean Eco­nom­ic As­so­cia­tion.

Boneva, Teodora
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February 2024

The article “Glob­al­ly representative evidence on the actual and perceived support for climate action” by Teodora Bovena, Armin Falk, and coauthors was published in Nature Climate Change.

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