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Where economic theory meets data
We use observational data and experimental data from the lab and from the field to test and improve economic theories of decision-making.

Institute for Applied Microeconomics

The research conducted at the Institute for Applied Micro­economics (IAME) covers a broad range of topics, including

  • labor economics, the economics of education, and human develop­ment,
  • preference formation, evolution of social norms, and cognitive and affective deter­minants of decision-making,
  • health and environ­mental economics,
  • industrial organization, managerial economics, and per­sonnel eco­nomics.

In our research, we apply micro­economic theory, we conduct lab and field experi­ments, we analyze survey and admin­is­trative data using state-of-the-art micro­econo­metric methods, and we col­laborate with psy­cholo­gists and neuro­scien­tists.

In Bonn we collaborate with BGSE, BonnEconLab, and CENs, as well as briq, IZA, and MPI for Re­search on Col­lec­tive Goods.


JProf. Hanna M. Schwank, Ph.D.
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September 2023

Hanna M. Schwank, Assistant Professor of Economic His­to­ry, has received the Rein­hard Selten Award of the Ver­ein für Social­politik for her research paper “Dis­rup­tive Ef­fects of Nat­u­ral Di­sas­ters: The 1906 San Fran­cis­co Fire.”

Prof. Dr. Thomas Dohmen
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September 2023

The article “Ac­count­­ing for In­di­vid­ual-Spe­­cif­­ic Re­li­abil­ity of Self-Assessed Mea­sures of Eco­nom­ic Pref­er­ences and Per­son­ality Traits” by Thomas Dohmen and Tomáš Jagelka was pub­lished in Jour­­nal of Po­liti­cal Eco­nomy Micro­eco­­nom­­ics.

Backhaus, Teresa
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September 2023

The article “Learn­ing through period and physical time” by Teresa Back­haus and coauthors was published in Games and Eco­nom­ic Be­hav­ior.

Cahlíková, Jana
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August 2023

The article “Can you spot a scam? Mea­suring and improving scam identification ability” by Jana Cahlí­ková and co­­au­thors was pub­lished in the Jour­nal of De­velop­ment Eco­nom­ics.

Backhaus, Teresa
© David Ausserhofer
August 2023

The article “Causal misperceptions of the part-time pay gap” by Teresa Back­­haus and co­authos was pub­lished in Labour Eco­nom­ics.

Eine Wissenschaftlerin und ein Wissenschaftler arbeiten hinter einer Glasfassade und mischen Chemikalien mit Großgeräten.
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July 2023

The article “Are Econ­o­mists’ Pref­er­ences Psy­chol­o­gists’ Per­son­al­i­ty Traits? A Struc­tur­al Ap­proach” by Tomáš Jagelka was pub­lished in the Jour­nal of Po­lit­i­cal Eco­n­o­m­y.

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