Universität Bonn

Department of Economics / IAME

Where economic theory meets data
We use observational data and experimental data from the lab and from the field to test and improve economic theories of decision-making.

Institute for Applied Microeconomics

The research conducted at the Institute for Applied Microeconomics (IAME) of the University of Bonn covers a broad range of topics. This includes

  • behavioral economics,
  • labor economics,
  • health economics,
  • human development,
  • industrial organization,
  • personnel economics,
  • law and economics, and
  • managerial economics.

In order to reach conclusions in these areas, we apply microeconomic theory and conduct lab and field experiments. We also employ the latest microeconometric methods to analyze survey and administrative data.

In Bonn we collaborate with BGSE, BonnEconLab, and CENs, as well as briq, IZA, and MPI for Research on Collective Goods.

Our offices are located at

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