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BGSE/briq Applied Microeconomics Workshop

The Applied Microeconomics Workshop is cohosted by the Institute for Applied Microeconomics and briq—Institute on Behavior & Inequality. The Applied Microeconomics Workshop is one of the workshops in which BGSE doctoral students can present their work to fulfill the “good standing” requirements. It is part of the CRC TR 224 Seminar series.

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Participation in the Applied Micro Workshop and subscription to the Applied Micro mailing list are restricted to researchers and students of the University of Bonn and collaborating institutions (e.g., via CRCs or Clusters of Excellence).

2023 Summer Term

April 11, 2023–July 11, 2023


briq—Institute on Behavior & Inequality
Schaumburg-Lippe-Straße 9

Coordinators and Organizer

Avatar Dohmen

Prof. Dr. Thomas Dohmen

Coordinator, University of Bonn
Avatar Zimmermann

Prof. Dr. Florian Zimmermann

Coordinator, briq
Avatar Gerhardt

Dr. Holger Gerhardt


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