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Postdoctoral Researchers

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Avatar Dr. Jesper Armouti-Hansen
Dr. Jesper Armouti-Hansen
Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Behavioral Contract Theory, Choice and Decision Theory, Machine Learning
Avatar Dr. Teresa Backhaus
Dr. Teresa Backhaus
Behavioral Economics, Decision Making and Strategic Interaction, Labor Economics, Social Inequality and the Welfare State
Avatar  Jana Cahlíková
Jana Cahlíková
Applied Microeconometrics, Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Development Economics, Organization Economics, Political Economy
Avatar Dr. Holger Gerhardt
Dr. Holger Gerhardt
Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Neuroeconomics
Avatar Dr. Hannah Illing
Dr. Hannah Illing
Labor Economics
Avatar  Tomáš Jagelka
Tomáš Jagelka
Behavioral Economics, Empirical Industrial Organization, Experimental Economics, Labor Economics
Avatar  Sonkurt Şen
Sonkurt Şen
Behavioral Economics, Economics of Education, Experimental Economics
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