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Avatar Prof. Teodora Boneva
Prof. Teodora Boneva
Education Economics, Labor Economics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Jörg Budde
Prof. Dr. Jörg Budde
Incentive Contracts, Management Accounting, Performance Measurement
Avatar Prof. Dr. Thomas Dohmen
Prof. Dr. Thomas Dohmen
Applied Microeconometrics, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Life-Cycle Formation of Cognitive & Non-cognitive Skills, Personnel and Organizational Economics, Psychology of Incentives
Avatar Prof. Dr. Armin Falk
Prof. Dr. Armin Falk
Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Labor Economics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin von Gaudecker
Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin von Gaudecker
Applied Microeconometrics, Empirical Health and Labor Economics, Life-Cycle Behaviour
Avatar Prof. Dr. Lorenz Götte
Prof. Dr. Lorenz Götte
Applied Microeconometrics, Behavioral Economics, Environmental Economics, Experimental Economics, Field Experiments
Avatar Prof. Dr. Eva Hoppe-Fischer
Prof. Dr. Eva Hoppe-Fischer
Behavioral Economics, Contract Theory, Experimental Economics
Avatar Prof. Dr. Matthias Kräkel
Prof. Dr. Matthias Kräkel
Organization Economics, Personnel Economics, Theory of the Firm
Avatar Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kube
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kube
Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Personnel Economics
Avatar JProf. Julia Mink
JProf. Julia Mink
Empirical Health and Labor Economics, Environmental Economics, Inequality
Avatar JProf. Dr. Amelie Schiprowski
JProf. Dr. Amelie Schiprowski
Applied Microeconomics, Empirical Labor and Public Economics
Avatar Prof. em. Dr. Urs Schweizer
Prof. em. Dr. Urs Schweizer
Applied Game Theory, Contract Theory, Economic Analysis of Law
Avatar Prof. Dr. Florian Zimmermann
Prof. Dr. Florian Zimmermann
Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Labor Economics
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