Universität Bonn

Department of Economics / BGSE

BGSE Graduate Luca Henkel

"I greatly enjoyed the versatility of research, featuring myriads of challenges and room for development and improvement of one’s ability. Doing research requires analytical thinking about an issue for prolonged amounts of time. Yet, this process leaves much space for creativity, for instance, in the way you approach a problem or design an experiment. Along the way, I learned that I quite like the process of writing up research results, but then also enjoyed the opportunity to convey my research to other researchers and journalists through presentations and interviews. Not only did the research environment at the BGSE and University of Bonn enable me to make these experiences, but the regular interactions with fellow researchers who share a common curiosity about how the world works made it a thoroughly enjoyable experience."

BGSE Graduate Axel Niemeyer

"I truly enjoyed my time in Bonn. Be it the afternoons discussing research in one of the many cozy cafes, the days going road cycling in the beautiful outdoors, or the evenings spent with the great friends I’ve made in Bonn (both in- and out of university). (I could go on...) At the BGSE, what I valued most was the academic freedom---getting to work at my own topics, at my own pace---and the huge family of theory peers, postdocs, and faculty, all working on similar sorts of topics. I learnt a lot from them in countless fruitful conversations."

BGSE Graduate Sophie Kreutzkamp

"Studying in Bonn was a wonderful experience, and I am very grateful for the numerous opportunities. A highlight of my PhD was definitely my research stay at Yale University as part of the BGSE’s exchange program. Also, I highly value the open and friendly research environment in Bonn and the strong research network at the BGSE and its cooperating institutes ECONtribute and the CRC."

BGSE Graduate Cavit Destan

"The University of Bonn was an excellent place for my research. Apart from being home to world-class researchers, the university provided all the necessary infrastructure to pursue my research interests. This allowed me to have a hands-on experience with cutting-edge scientific practices."

BGSE Graduate Matthias Gnewuch

"I highly appreciated not only the BGSE's inspiring research environment, but also its flexibility and comprehensive support that allowed me to visit both the European Central Bank and the University of Notre Dame (U.S.) during my Ph.D. studies. Moreover, I liked the strong sense of community in Bonn's economics department and greatly enjoyed the many get-togethers, summer parties, soccer games, and other social events."

BGSE Graduate Fabian Schmitz

"The collaborative research environment at the BGSE allowed me to deepen my knowledge and get to know many other researchers. I had the freedom to work on the topics that I am most passionate about which made it a lot of fun at the same time. Bonn is also a great place to live because it offers a high quality of life with its rich history, cultural scene, and picturesque surroundings along the Rhine."

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