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Frequently Asked Question: Program

Below you find a collection of the frequently asked general questions about our combined research master / doctoral program. If you have questions concerning the application process, check our application process FAQs.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

The graduate programs are designed for full-time students only. It is not possible to study part-time.

No, having a job while studying for a doctoral degree is not possible. The program is demanding and you will have to invest all your time in it. What is possible is to work as a tutor at our department since it gives you valuable teaching experience. Anyhow, this is only advisable after you have written a first paper.

It is not possible to study from the distance. All doctoral students have office space at the university and work there on a daily base.

No, you do not need to apply separately for grants if you apply for the M.Sc. in Economics Research / doctoral program. We offer grants to most students of this program either from the very beginning or after the successful completion of the first year.

In general, one can only become a visiting student at the BGSE within the European Doctoral Program or as a regular PhD student at one of our partner university. The only possibility for all other PhD students is to find a professor here in Bonn who has a strong interest in supervising you for a semester. You would have to approach a professor of your choice yourself. Due to limited capacity (e.g. time, office space and so on), all this happens quite rarely. The BGSE does not raise tuition but can not support visiting students financially.

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