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Job Market Candidates 2023/24

Job Market Candidates 2023/24: Post Docs
Our current Post Doctoral Job Market Candidates for the Department of Economics are here.
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Andrea Amelio

Job Market Paper: Social Learning, Behavioral Biases and Group Outcomes

Research Topics: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics

References: Florian Zimmermann, Christopher Roth, Benjamin Enke

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Günnur Ege Bilgin

Job Market Paper: Decentralized Many-to-One Matching with Random Search

Research Topics: Microeconomic Theory, Matching Theory, Market Design, Political Economy

References: Stephan Lauermann, Daniel Krähmer, Mehmet Ekmekci 

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Dominik Damast

Job Market Paper: Insurers Use Banks for Portfolio Diversification

Research Topics: Insurance, Corporate Bond Markets, Green Finance

References: Farzad Saidi, Bo Becker, Jing Zeng

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Martin Kornejew

Job Market Paper: Insiders v. Outsiders: Market Creditor Protection, Debt Structure and Investment

Research Topics: Finance, Macroeconomics

References: Moritz Schularick, Farzad Saidi, Christian Bayer, Yueran Ma

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Moritz Mendel

Job Market Paper: Persistent Inequality & Education Policy during Adolescence

Research Topics: Labor Economics

References: Hans-Martin von Gaudecker, Cormac O'Dea, Manudeep Bhuller

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Francisco Osswald do Amaral

Job Market Paper: Value Uncertainty and Returns to Housing

Research Topics: Financial Economics, Real Estate Finance, Urban Economics

References: Moritz Schularick, Farzad Saidi, Marco Pagano, Dmitry Kuvshinov 

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Miguel Risco Bermejo

Job Market Paper: Feed for good? On the Effects of Personalization Algorithms in Social Platforms

Research Topics: Microeconomic Theory, Digital Platforms, Social Networks

References: Sven Rady, Francesc Dilmé, Alexander Frug

Schulze Tilling, Anna.jpg
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Anna Schulze Tilling

Job Market Paper: Changing Consumption Behavior with Carbon Labels: Causal Evidence on Behavioral Channels and Effectiveness

Research Topics: Behavioral Economics, Environmental Economics

References: Lorenz Götte, Sebastian Kube, Thomas Dohmen

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Christian Zimpelmann

Job Market Paper: How Gender Role Attitudes Shape Maternal Labor Supply

Research Topics: Labor Economics, Behavioral Economics

References: Hans-Martin von Gaudecker, Simon Jäger, Thomas Dohmen, Hamish Low

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Prof. Dr. Stephan Lauermann

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Dr. Silke Kinzig

Our alumni have obtained prestigious positions at universities in the U.S. (e.g., Harvard, Berkeley, Penn, UCLA, CalTech, Michigan, Minnesota), in Europe (e.g., Bocconi, University College London, Manchester, Pompeu Fabra, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Carlos III, Stockholm, Zurich) and in Germany (e.g., Mannheim, Munich, Berlin, Cologne). In addition, many now work in public institutions aswell as in the non-academic sector (e.g., European Central Bank, German Central Bank, European Stability Mechanism (ESM), Bank of England, U.S. Federal Reserve Board, National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge (MA), McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group).

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