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briq continues its mission as part of IZA

Effective January 1, 2024, the briq Institute on Behavior & Inequality has merged seamlessly into the IZA Institute of Labor Economics, with continued support from the Deutsche Post Foundation.
View the IZA website for further information and resources.

former associated members:

Andre, Peter (graduated 2022)
Apenbrink, Christian (graduated 2023)
Bašić, Zvonimir (graduated 2018)
Ehrmantraut, Laura (graduated 2024)
Freyer, Timo (graduated 2023)
Graeber, Thomas (graduated 2018)
Günther, Laurenz (graduated 2023)
Han, Hua-Jing (graduated 2021)
Henkel, Luca (graduated 2023)
Heuser, Sven (graduated 2022)
Hofmeier, Jana (graduated 2019)
Holler, Radost (graduated 2023)
Kießling, Lukas (graduated 2020)
Klümper, Andreas (graduated 2021)
Kohler, Thomas (graduated 2023)
Kulms, Marius (graduated 2020)
Neuber, Thomas (graduated 2021)
Preusser, Justus (graduated 2024)
Radbruch, Jonas (graduated 2020)
Röhrl, Klara (graduated 2022)
Schaube, Sebastian (graduated 2018)
Schäfer, Paul (graduated 2023)
Stans, Renske (graduated 2020)
Stötzer, Lasse (graduated 2020)
Strang, Louis (graduated 2019)
Timmermann, Stefan (left BGSE in 2021)
Walders, Fabian (graduated 2018)
Winkelmann, Justus (graduated 2018)
Zimpelmann, Christian (graduated 2021)

Initiated by the Deutsche Post Foundation, briq promotes innovative thinking and research in the fields of behavioral economics and the sources of inequality. briq also provides a platform for the exchange of novel ideas and an infrastructure for the cooperation of international, top-level researchers.

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