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Copying & Printing

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You can copy and print with us:

Where? In the open stacks (basement) there is a multifunctional device for printing and copying.

What? Printouts in black and white and color as well as in DIN A4 and DIN A3

How? You pay for the copies and printouts with your Mensacard. The Mensacard can be purchased at the Info.Point of the Studierendenwerk in Lennéstr. 3 or in the Juri§hop and can be topped up at all vending machines of the Studierendenwerk.

Cost? DIN A4: 0,07 € b/w or 0,21 € colored and DIN A3: 0,14 € b/w or 0,42 € colored

How does printing work?

  • Through the UniPrint portal, it is possible to send documents from PCs or mobile devices via a web browser and print them at any UniPrint location - all without installing a printer driver!
  • To do so, visit http://uniprint.uni-bonn.de and click on "Druckdatei senden". Log in with a freely selectable number/letter combination and upload the desired files.
  • Within 48 hours you can now print your documents at any Uni-Print location on one of the multifunction printers, e.g. in the open stacks in the basement. To do this, insert your Mensacard into the card reader, select the "Uni-Print Menu" and log in with your chosen number/letter combination. You can then select files and set print options. Don't forget to log out!

⚠ Note

The operation of the multifunctional printer is carried out by the installing company and is not the responsibility of the Library of Economics. In case of problems, please contact Mr. Mojika, Copy Center of the Law Seminar. Further information can also be found on the notice boards in the open stacks in the basement.

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