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The search portal bonnus of the University of Bonn shows you the availability of titles in the ULB main library, the Library of Economics (i.e. the Staatswissenschaftliches Seminar) and libraries of other departments of the University of Bonn. You can note the shelf mark or – if the title is available as "full text" – access it directly digitally. To get to know bonnus read the help pages for bonnus or watch the ULB-video-series.

Search portal bonnus 

Alternative search portals

  • hbz-Verbundkatalog - Books and journals in university libraries in NRW and Rhineland-Pfalz
  • Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog - >500 million books and journals in libraries and bookstore catalogs worldwide
  • DigiBib - Metasearch in various databases (but: even though you use your bonnus access data, not all databases licensed by us are integrated)

Search portals with a focus on journal articles

  • EconLit - Most important English-language literature database with economics journal articles, articles, working papers and dissertations
  • Social Sciences Citation Index - Literature database with social science articles, showing cited & citing articles as well as impact factor for hits
  • JSTOR - Literature database, which offers many journals in full text, although current volumes are not available
  • EZB - Electronic journal library with access to all e-journals that are licensed by us or freely accessible. By the way: If you click on the link "Info zur eZeitschrift" for an e-journal in bonnus, you will be redirected to the EZB.
  • ZDB - Journal database that lists both paper and e-journal titles. Searching the ZDB is particularly useful if you have not found a journal-title in bonnus and thus in Bonn

You can find further economic databases in the Datenbankinfosystem (DBIS).

Search engines and link collections

  • Google Scholar - With approx. 390 million documents, the best-known scientific search engine with a focus on journal articles
  • Connected Papers - Displays thematically related work, with access limited to two searches per month
  • Econbiz - Search for specialized information in economics, Internet sources, online catalogs, full texts and information services of libraries. Econbiz evaluates among others Econis, the catalog of the University and City Library of Cologne, BASE, RePEc, EconStor and Online Contents Wirtschaft
  • Ressources for Economists on the Internet - Extensive English-language link collection from the American Economic Association
  • Bielefeld Academic Search Engine - One of the largest multidisciplinary search engines in the world, covering > 160 million documents from over 6,000 sources, with about 60% of the documents open access. BASE evaluates RePEc, DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), ArXiv.org and bonndoc, among others

Working Paper

A list of other series can be found on the pages of EconPapers.


You can find a selection of interesting eDissertations here:

Open Acess (OA)

Information on Open Access, Open Science and Open Data can be found on the Open Economics Guide and other platforms: 

  • bonndoc - Institutional publication repository of the University of Bonn with OA conditions
  • CORE (COnnecting REpositories) - Search engine with > 135 million OA publications from international journals and repositories
  • OAIster - Literature database of the metacatalogue WorldCat.org
  • LATEST THINKING - Independent open access video journal summarising research results

Reseach institutions

There are also a number of important German economic research institutions, for example:

  • CFS - Center for Financial Studies
  • DIW -  German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin)
  • efl - E-Finance Lab (Frankfurt)
  • HWWI - Hamburg Institute of International Economics (Hamburg)
  • IAB - Institute for Employment Research (Nürnberg)
  • IAW - Institute for Applied Economic Research (Tübingen)
  • IfW - Kiel Institute for the World Economy (Kiel)
  • ifo - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research (München)
  • IDW - German Economic Institute (Köln)
  • IWH - Halle Institute for Economic Research (Halle)
  • IZA - Institute of Labor Economics (Bonn)
  • MPI - Max-Planck-Institute for Research on Collective Goods (Bonn)
  • RWI - Rheinisch-Westfälisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (Essen)
  • Sachverständigenrat - German Council of Economic Experts (Wiesbaden)
  • WZB -  Berlin Social Science Center
  • ZEI - Center for European Integration Studies (Bonn)
  • ZEF - Center for Development Research (Bonn)
  • ZEW - Centre for European Economic Research (Mannheim)
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