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How to research literature?

On the page search tools, we present search portals, search engines and link collections for your literature research. On the other pages, you will find a selection of interesting eBooks, an overview of the journals and newspapers we license and a compilation of databases for searching data.

You can only access most literature databases, e-journals and eBooks from the university network. If you are working externally or with your own device, you should connect to the university network via VPN and your university ID (you may use the WLAN eduroam, which you have to set up first).

If you are looking for books and journals on-site at our library, you can find the location by looking at the shelf mark. If you need literature that is not available in Bonn libraries, you can order it via interlibrary loan. To do so, you must be registered at the ULB and have a password. An alternative to interlibrary loans is offered by direct delivery services, where delivery times are shorter but costs are higher (e.g. Subito).

By the way: For more tips around literature research, read the help page of bonnus or watch the ULB video series. You can also find valuable advice on scientific work on the pages of the Leibniz Information Center for Economics (ZBW) and Econbiz. If you are interested in writing advice, you can contact the Studierendenwerk. 

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