General Information

The program “Master of Science in Economics” at the University of Bonn is a two-year program (4 Semester) held in English, in which 120 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) points are earned.

Here you will find information relevant to examination law for the Master's degree program in Economics.


At the beginning of the study program, every student must apply for "Admission to the Master's Examination". This registers you for the overall examination procedure, and enables you to register for the individual exams on BASIS.

Advanced Modules

Prerequisites in Advanced Modules.


Formal information regarding exams, registration for exams, withdrawals as well as consequences of attempts at cheating can be found here.

Master Thesis

Prerequisites and allocation process of the Master Thesis from registration to evaluation.

Model Study Plan

The Master in Economics is a two-year program (4 semesters) in which 120 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System) can be acquired.

Research Modules

Allocation process, exam registration and entry requirements for Research Modules.

Topics  Modules

Prerequisites in Topic Modules.

Transfer of Credits

You have the option of transferring credits from other degree programs for your current degree program.

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