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Master of Science in Economics

The Master of Science program in Economics at the University of Bonn offers comprehensive training for both academic and professional careers. It is a quantitative and research-oriented program that offers advanced and rigorous training in all areas of economics. Students gain advanced mathematical, statistical and econometric skills and also have an opportunity to acquire effective programming practices relevant for economic analysis. The program introduces students to current topics and debates in economic research and enables students to understand complex economic models and to assess the relevance and limits of economic theories. The MSc Economics also offers students the opportunity to explore their own research interests and to work with highly motivated and talented fellow students from over 20 countries.

Program:  Economics
Degree: Master of Science (MSc)
Duration: 4 Semesters
ECTS: 120
Start of Study: Winter Term (October)
Language: English
Application: January (early round), Feb. 1 - March 31

Edoardo Falchi, Master Student

“I am amazed by the international appreciation of our Master program that I experienced in research contexts during my studies and subsequently in the job market. I am proud of the supportive university community and I am grateful for the range of courses that are constantly updated to the latest innovations. Theory combines perfectly with application methods, giving invaluable added value. I cannot stress enough how talented the professors are and how many opportunities there are to pursue a career in Economics and Statistics.”

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Gloria Hauschka
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Gloria Hauschka, Master Student

"This program digs deep into economic theory, helping us grasp the core concepts and principles. It's like building a rock-solid foundation for everything else. If you're into microeconomic theory or applied micro, you're in for a treat. The program offers an extensive dive into this fascinating field.Your peers come from all walks of life - different academic backgrounds, various industries, you name it. It's like a melting pot of ideas and perspectives, which broadens your horizon and is crucial for future career prospects. Everyone here is ambitious, whether they're on the academic track or aiming for the business world. It creates this contagious atmosphere of motivation and innovation. If you're looking for a place to truly understand economics and be part of an energetic, diverse, and ambitious community, I can't recommend the University of Bonn enough.“

What characterizes the MSc Economics?

Our Master offers a great combination of advanced training in core areas of Economics and individual specializations plus the opportunity to conduct your own research under the guidance of internationally renowned experts in the field. The program thus prepares graduates for an advanced academic career as well as for leading positions in institutions and companies that require advanced analytical and quantitative skills.



Studying in the Master program is an international experience: Each year, about 60 percent to 70 percent of the students taking up the program are international students coming to Bonn from over 20 countries. In addition, Master students have the opportunity to integrate a semester abroad into their study program by spending a semester at one of the internationally renowned partner universities of the Department of Economics or the University of Bonn. 

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Forward thinking

The MSc Economics is deliberately forward thinking with regard to study content and method development. For example, changes in markets due to digitalization and internationalization or new approaches to data science are important subjects of study, as the evaluation of large and complex data sets is becoming increasingly relevant in economics.

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The Master program enables students to understand current economic research, to build and discuss theoretical models and to use modern methodological tools. Research seminars introduce Master students to the most up-to-date research by discussing current research papers as well as helping them to explore their own research interests and develop suitable research designs.

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In Bonn, only the first semester consists of mandatory courses in the core fields of Economics. From the second semester onwards, students have the opportunity to choose courses from five different fields of study and to specialize according to their interests. In addition, they can also attend seminars taught at PhD-level.

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Our professors work in numerous national and international networks and the department cooperates with a number of research institutions such as:

To gain further insights into research, our Master students have the opportunity to work as research assistants at one of these institutes or research institutions. Within the framework of research seminars or guest lectures, students can find suggestions for a future academic career or the selection of a suitable doctoral program. In addition, the department offers a career day every year especially for its graduates, where they can get to know a whole range of potential employers who are specifically looking for future employees with a degree in Economics. This gives our graduates, who have very good overall chances on the job market, a better impression of the diversity of their career opportunities.

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Master Coordinator: Our Master coordinator is available for all questions concerning the Master application, study planning, the integration of a semester abroad and other matters. She offers support for international Master students in finding a place in a dormitory and organizes special German language courses for them.

Social Tutor: The so-called "social tutor" helps our Master students to get to know their fellow students outside of the lectures. He organizes regular meetings and excursions and thus contributes to the exchange and networking among the students.

Professors: Our professors are open to questions concerning the content of their lectures, but also for finding a topic for the Master thesis, for questions regarding the choice of courses abroad or queries regarding a suitable doctoral program.

Exchange programs

Master students can spend one or more semesters abroad. The Department of Economics and the University of Bonn offer several exchange programs. You can find more and detailed information here.

Information for incoming Masters

Getting started at the University of Bonn: You have received your admission letter? Congratulations! You can start preparing for your studies in Bonn.

Important links

Module descriptions

Find a list of all module descriptions offered in the Master Program in Economics. Classes are offered either in winter or in summer semesters.


Find all dates, deadlines and overall information on exams (Registration, Allocation, Withdrawal), transfer of credits and the master thesis.


BASIS is the electronic schedule of classes with information on all lectures, seminars and language classes, etc. You register for exams via Basis.


eCampus is the e-learning platform. Here you find the online courses for your lectures with scripts, tests, exercises, chat forums, Wikis and more.

After your studies

Graduates of our Master program are qualified for advanced positions within the private and public sector. They find employment in government authorities and public institutions, major enterprises, the financial sector, private research centers and the health sector as well as in a variety of international institutions such as central banks, government departments, OECD, EU, The World Bank, development agencies, economic consultancies, financial organizations, international corporations and more. Many of our graduates find qualified positions with multinational firms and organizations shortly after receiving their MSc degrees.

Students, who complete the Master program in Economics also have the option to apply for and continue with the combined Master/PhD program at the Bonn Graduate School of Economics.

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