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Institute for Microeconomics

The Institute for Microeconomics at the University of Bonn has a long-standing tradition of academic excellence, e.g. the Nobel Prize that was awarded to Professor Reinhard Selten. Many alumni hold professorial positions at top universities in Germany, Europe, North America, and worldwide.

Over the last 40 years, the Institute of Microeconomics has been either the motor or a principal contributor to several competitively awarded, large-scale, long-term collective grants that generously fund its research activities. At present, these include two Clusters of Excellence, Hausdorff Center for Mathematics: Foundations, Models, Applications and ECONtribute: Markets and Public Policy, and a Collaborative Research Center Economic Perspectives on Societal Challenges: Equality of Opportunity, Market Regulation, and Financial Stability.



In terms of questions contact our administrative assistants Mirjam Beyer & Stefanie Stolz.

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