Equal Opportunities Representative

Equal Opportunities Representative

The Equal Opportunity Representatives ensure that aspects relevant to equal opportunity are included in all plans regarding the future development of the Department of Economics. They are involved in decisions made by steering committees and participate in staffing and appointment processes, especially in hiring committees. They coordinate the equality plans and reports required by law.

Discrimination Reporter of the Equality Office

Sexualized discrimination and violence, sexism, homophobia and transphobia as well as all other forms of discrimination based on gender will not be tolerated at the University of Bonn! - Harassment, assault or other incidents can also be reported anonymously via the Discrimination Reporter of the central Equal Opportunity Office of the University: Discrimination Reporter

Find here the current Equal Opportunity Plan of the Department of Economics. Equal opportunity plans are a governance tool for advancing equity in higher education.

The university's central equal opportunity office has general responsibility for all faculties and offers cross-departmental measures for staff.

The University's Family Office offers a wide range of mediation and counseling services in family matters for academic staff.

The offerings and promotional measures support women in gaining qualifications for their professional career paths and preparing for management positions.

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