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Teaching in summer 2021: Covid-19 news and updates


Amelie Schiprowski

Amelie Schiprowski receives German Economic Award from the Joachim Herz Foundation.


Coronavirus Information

The latest information from the university on the coronavirus you can find here.

Herbstbild Fachbereich

The Department of Economics offers the study programs Bachelor of Science "Volkswirtschaftslehre" and Master of Science "Economics". In addition, the structured doctoral program takes place within the framework of the Bonn Graduate School of Economics.

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Find new learning groups in eCampus:

The department would like to support you in creating new learning groups.

Learning groups

Only economic cluster of excellence

ECONtribute researches markets at the interface between economics, politics and society.

Equality of Opportunity, Market Regulation, and Financial Stability

These are the Societal Challenges that the Collaborative Research Center Transregio 224 addresses.


Current information from the rectorate on the coronavirus.

Support for university families

The University of Bonn offers financial support and relief in the Corona Pandemic.

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