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Department of Economics
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
Tutors wanted.
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Department of Economics

Department of Economics:

is one of the strongest research departments in the field of economics in Europe. Through research and teaching, we aim to contribute to addressing major societal challenges and to provide impulses for effective and evidence-based economic policy. Our focus is on the education of young economists from the bachelor's to the doctoral level.

German Real Estate Price Index (GREIX)

High rents, gentrification and lack of housing construction: affordable housing has been scarce in Germany for years. The COVID-19 pandemic, historically high inflation and rising interest rates are increasing fear of a growing housing crisis. From mid-2022, real estate prices collapsed by up to 20 per cent when adjusted for inflation. How did it get this far? How have real estate prices in Germany developed over the past 60 years? And what conclusions can be drawn for the future? The German Real Estate Price Index (GREIX), developed by economists from the Department of Economics of the University of Bonn, provides answers and establishes novel standards for the analysis of German real estate markets based on cutting-edge data.

How Germany made it through winter without Russian gas

The German economy has coped with the end of Russian gas supplies and would have also been able to withstand an import stop from April 2022. This is the result of an analysis of a team around Prof. Dr. Moritz Schularick, member of the Department of Economics and designated President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, joint with Prof. Dr. Benjamin Moll (London School of Economics), and Dr. Georg Zachmann (Bruegel). The study has been published as “ECONtribute Policy Brief”.

VWL-Studium von Studierenden bewertet

Im diesjährigen CHE-Ranking des Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung schneidet die VWL sehr gut ab. Sowohl im Bereich der faktenbasierten Rankingergebnisse, als auch bei den Ergebnissen der Studierendenbefragung konnte der Fachbereich viele positive Bewertungen erhalten.

Dies Academicus: Nachhaltigkeit in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Nachhaltigkeit und Wirtschaftswissenschaften – passt das zusammen? Sehr gut sogar! Konsumenten und Produzenten verbrauchen Energie, verursachen Verschmutzung. Preise auf Märkte bilden die gesellschaftlichen Kosten eine Produktes nur unzureichend ab. Andererseits können Märkte, beispielsweise für Emissionszertifikate, helfen, Verschmutzung zu vermeiden, oder die Kosten des Klimaschutzes zu reduzieren. Weitere Eingriffe können ebenfalls nachhaltigere Entscheidungsmuster fördern ohne ökonomischen Wohlstand substantiell zu gefährden.

Master oder nicht Master: Was kommt nach dem Bachelor?
Online (Zoom)
09:30 AM
Ihr Bachelorstudium nähert sich dem Ende. Stehen Sie vielleicht vor folgenden Fragen: Was kann und will ich mit meinem Bachelor machen? Soll ich direkt in den ...
Informationsveranstaltung: Prüfungen im SoSe 2023 (Online)
Online via Zoom
06:30 PM - 07:15 PM
Für Bachelorstudierende am Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften: Wir informieren über den Ablauf von Prüfungen im Allgemeinen, das Verfahren der Anmeldung und ...
Bonner VWL-Absolvent'innen im Gespräch
Juridicum, Adenauerallee ...
06:15 PM - 07:15 PM
"Was macht eigentlich inzwischen der/die X?" Wie schnell verliert man Kommiliton'innen und Absolvent'innen aus den Augen. Schade, denn meist landen die in ...
Bergfest - Celebrate and power up for what's left
Botanischer Garten
02:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Made it halfway through your studies? Great! Come along to the Bergfest, refuel at the food truck, enjoy a free fruit juice with sparkling water, relax with a ...


The Department of Economics offers the degree programs BSc "Economics", BA "Economics" (2-subject or accompanying subject) and MSc "Economics".


Are you aiming for a doctorate? The Bonn Graduate School of Economics offers an English-language Doctoral Program (PhD) with an integrated Master in Economic Research for students from all over the world.


Excellence Cluster ECONtribute
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Excellence Cluster

The ECONtribute Excellence Cluster in Economic Sciences conducts research on markets in the area of intersection between business, politics and society.

CRC TR 224
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Collaborative Research Center

The SFB TR 224 deals with equal opportunities, market regulation and financial market stability as societal challenges.

RGT 2281
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Graduate College

The Research Training Group conducts research on the macroeconomic consequences of inequality and how fiscal, financial and monetary policies should take inequality into account.

Isabel Schnabel Lecture
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The department is organized in a departmental structure encompassing scientific and teaching areas and is divided into five institutes for teaching and research.


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Office of the Department

Julia Ferreira Pacheco


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Department of Economics

Adenauerallee 24-42
53113 Bonn

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