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Research-oriented, relevant, promising - Economics in Bonn

The Department of Economics of the University of Bonn is one of the strongest research institutions in Germany and enjoys a high international reputation.

The research focus is on game and contract theory, monetary and international macroeconomics, labor market economics, finance and experimental economic research.

Bonn economists regularly receive international awards and distinctions and take outstanding positions in prestigious rankings. Collaborative research centers and close cooperation with economic research institutions in Bonn offer an excellent research environment. The Bonn Econ Lab was founded in 1984 by Nobel laureate Reinhard Selten as a laboratory for experimental economic research and is the oldest facility of its kind in Europe. Founded in 2016, briq's Institute on Behavior & Inequality brings together scientists from around the world to explore human behavior and the causes of economic and social inequality.

Since February 2019, the University of Bonn has been involved in six excellence clusters. One of them is the Cluster of Excellence "ECONtribute: Markets & Public Policy".  In November 2019, the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhems-Universität Bonn became one of the 11 funded universities of excellence of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Volkswirtschaftslehre (Bachelor)

All Information on our Bachelor Program: Even if the main language is German, 40% of all courses are taught in English.

Wirtschaftswissen- schaften (Bachelor)

Study Economics in combination with a subject of Faculty of Philosophy.

Economics (Master)

100% English language, a quantitative approach to modern economics and a wide range of courses available. Get to know our Master Program in Economics.

Doctoral Program (Ph.D.) with integrated Master

Study at Bonn Graduate School of Economics (BGSE) in our structured Ph. D. program.


Welcome to the Department of Economics! Study as an international student or be part of our exchange programs! All information here!

Reasons for Economics in Bonn

There are plenty of reasons to study economics at the University of Bonn.


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