ENSAE ParisTech

The École Nationale de la Statistique et de l’Administration Économique (ENSAE) is a school of Economics, Statistics and Finance located in Mallakoff near Paris and is one of the most prestigious in France in this field. It is directly linked to the French National Institute of Economic and Statistical Information (INSEE) and the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Labor. Founded in 1942, ENSAE has held the rank of Grande Ecole since 1971 and is part of Paris Tech. In total, about 400 students are enrolled at ENSAE.

Course overview


ENSAE offers four Advanced Master pgroams and the "Ingénieur ENSAE program" which offers a variety of courses with different options for specialization. Master courses are offered in English and French. English proficiency at level B2 or French proficiency at level B2 is required. Only Master students from Bonn are admitted.

Studying at the ENSAE ParisTech

Study hours:

Number of exchange places:
4 à 6 months or 2 à 12 months

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