Faculdade de Economia der Universidade de Porto (FEP)

Porto is located in the north of Portugal, directly on the Atlantic coast and is the second largest city in the country. With more than 31,000 students, the Universidade do Porto is one of the largest universities in Portugal. The Faculty of Economics (Faculdade de Economia) offers a wide range of courses from a variety of Bachelor's- and Master's programs.

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Course overview


The bachelor's degree program in Porto is taught primarily in Portuguese. Some courses are also offered bilingually (Portuguese/English) and in English. The Universidade de Porto requires English proficiency at level B2.


The Master's courses are offered in English or Portuguese. English proficiency at level B2 is also required.

  • Overview of the courses in the Master of Economics.
  • Overview over all Master programs in the Department of Economics.
    • To get an overview of the courses, click on "Information for applicants" on the respective program page.

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