Research in Economics is an international endeavor – and so is studying Economics. Our students are thus encouraged to spend a semester abroad or to do an internship abroad. The Department also welcomes international students into its study programs – both as exchange students and as degree-seeking students. If you are looking for an international experience in Bonn or at our partner universities, please find more information below.

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Outgoing Exchange

You are a Bachelor or Master student of the department and consider studying or doing an internship abroad?

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Incoming Exchange

You are an international exchange student and interested in spending a semester at our department?

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International Students

As an international student in our Bachelor, Master or PhD programm you will have an great academic experience.

International Profile

The Department of Economics is one of Europe's leading institutions in economic research. Its international profile includes cooperation with internationally renowned researchers, recruiting excellent international Master students and doctoral candidates as well as providing international training for junior researchers.

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International Coordinator
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