Podcast: The SWIFT System

How hard will exclusion from the international SWIFT system hit Russia in the long term? What is the significance of SWIFT for the economy? And can Western financial sanctions end the war early?

QS ranking by subjects

In the QS Ranking by Subject 2022, the Department of Economics is among the TOP 3 universities in Germany in the subject "Economics & Econometrics". In a global comparison, it is now in 54th place.

Broad public support for reducing energy dependence on Russia

According to a representative survey for the briq policy monitor, more than two-thirds of the German population would support a halt to energy imports from Russia in order to increase pressure on the Russian government. A broad majority would also welcome additional measures to reduce energy dependence, including alternative energy sources and energy-saving. When it comes to helping the Ukrainian people, many of the respondents would support both aid and integration policies, including permanent residence and work permits for refugees. Germans are divided, however, on the question of further arms deliveries to Ukraine.

Podcast: Economic consequences of the war in Ukraine

Energy embargo, financial sanctions and negotiation strategies: Researchers of the Cluster of Excellence ECONtribute shed light on economic effects of the conflict

Paper wins IRECC Award

The working paper “Fighting Climate Change: The Role of Norms, Preferences, and Moral Values” by briq and University of Bonn researchers Peter Andre, Teodora Boneva, Felix Chopra and Armin Falk has received the IRECC Award for “Innovative Research in the Economics of Climate Change” given by the Institute of Labor Economics (IZA) for the two best IZA Discussion Papers published in 2021 on the nature and implications of climate change.

Graduation ceremony again in the Hofgarten park

On Saturday, June 25, 2022, it's that time again: the current graduating class will celebrate their successfully completed studies at the Unifest. For the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic, a central open-air celebration with a stage program is planned again - supplemented by digital offerings. Participants can apply now. The deadline for applications is May 28, 2022.

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