28. November 2022

Bundesbank Research Award 2022 for excellent theses at the University of Bonn Bundesbank Research Award 2022

Rubén Domínguez-Díaz and Matthias Gnewuch received the Bundesbank Science Award 2022 for excellent theses for their master's theses. Every year, the Bundesbank donates prizes for outstanding dissertations and theses (bachelor's or master's theses) written at the University of Bonn. Prizes may be awarded for work that is directly related to the Bundesbank's areas of responsibility, for example in the fields of monetary policy, European Monetary Union, monetary foreign trade, banking, financial markets, payment systems or financial stability. The prizes are endowed with €1,500 each.

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Prizes were awarded for the master's theses, 'Precautionary Savings and Financial Frictions' by Rubén Domínguez-Díaz and 'Firm Financial Heterogeneity and the State-Dependent Effects of Macroeconomic Shocks' by Matthias Gnewuch. Mr. Metzger, President of the Bundesbank's Regional Office in North Rhine-Westphalia, awarded the prizes on November 24, 2022, during a lecture at the Juridicum. The award recipients were connected via video conference.

The selection committee accepts proposals for awardees at any time (Prof. Dr. Keith Kuester, keith.kuester@uni-bonn.de).

Rubén Domínguez- Díaz
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Matthias Gnewuch
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