05. April 2023

Coal, Consumption, and Climate Protection: New season of the “ECONtribute – Der Wirtschaftspodcast” Coal, Consumption, and Climate Protection: New podcast season

Designing e-cars, preventing natural disasters or conserving biodiversity:  The fight against climate change is subject to numerous fields of research. What contribution economics can provide in this context is revealed in the new climate season of the ECONtribute Wirtschaftspodcast – available now on all common podcast portals.

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Viktoria Grimm, Professor of Economic Theory at the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and a member of the German Council of Economic Experts, is kicking off the season. The behavioral economist researches the future of energy markets. In the podcast, she analyzes whether the energy crisis is overshadowing the climate crisis. The discussion revolves around realistic climate targets by the German government, the present state of the energy transition, and the role of hydrogen.

In monthly episodes of about 30 minutes, science journalist Carolin Jackermeier discusses the most exciting topics of ECONtribute research and provides insight into the work of the Cluster of Excellence. What creates the greater impact – sustainable consumption or investment? Is the energy transition just an abstract goal? And how do social norms and climate protection interact? The new season of the ECONtribute Wirtschaftspodcast provides answers.

More: https://econtribute.de/coal-consumption-and-climate-protection-new-season-of-the-econtribute-der-wirtschaftspodcast/

Carolin Jackermeier
Science Journalist

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