10. March 2022

Get to know: BGSE Graduates Klara Röhrl and Peter Andre BGSE Graduates Klara Röhrl and Peter Andre

Congratulations! Klara Röhrl and Peter Andre graduated from Bonn Graduate School of Economics.

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Klara Röhrl

My Research

Dissertation: Three Essays in Applied Microeconomics

"My main project was building and applying a simulation model for Covid-19 to inform the policy debate on which measures to take against the pandemic. For example we showed that rapid tests were much more powerful in bringing down cases than the vaccination campaign in spring 2021."

My Future

"My time at the BGSE has taught me both programming skills and how important it is to me to work on an urgent societal challenge. That's why I am going to work as a software developer on the transition to renewable energies next."

My Highlights

"I enjoyed the freedom we BGSE students were granted, both with regards to topics and to when and how we work. It allowed me to work on things that I feel passionate about and take advantage of amazing opportunities outside of work. Also Bonn is a fantastic city with many fun hobbies to pursue, amazing people and lots of opportunities to enjoy nature."


Peter Andre

My Research

Dissertation: Essays in Behavioral Economics

"My research revolves around two themes: people's fairness views and their mental models of how economies work. As an example of the latter, how do people think would the economy react to a change in government spending? Are people worried about high inflation rates when central banks flood the markets with money? How individuals subjectively answer these questions matters when they decide how much money to save, whether to search for a new job or to expect low or high inflation rates in the future. In our research, we find that people's subjective models of the economy are highly heterogeneous and often differ from experts' views."

My Future

"I'll continue my research as a Postdoc at the briq – Institute on Behavior & Inequality. briq is part of Bonn's large Economics "family", so I can continue my work in an exciting and inspiring environment."

 My Highlights

"The richness of research inspiration and opportunities allowed me to experiment with many different methods and topics, which was a lot of fun. For example, I ran lab-in-the-field experiments in Papua New Guinea, online surveys about macroeconomic expectations in the US, lab experiments in Bonn, and international surveys among academic economists.

I also love the city. The combination of a small but flourishing city connected to a dense metropolitan area, nearby nature, and the warm-hearted people of the Rheinland is invaluable."

Peter Andre
Peter Andre © Econ Uni Bonn
Klara Roehrl
Klara Roehrl © Econ Uni Bonn
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