08. September 2022

How willing are Germans to protect the climate? How willing are Germans to protect the climate?

Four new issues of the briq policy monitor provide answers

In a representative survey for the briq policy monitor, a broad majority of Germans showed willingness to donate part of a freely disposable sum of money to climate protection. The willingness to donate not only increases with higher income, but also depends in particular on altruistic disposition as well as party preference. When it comes to consumption and mobility, a large majority of Germans now also pay attention to the climate impact of their decisions.

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Many underestimate the willingness of others to contribute to climate protection - and that has consequences

The survey also shows that people in Germany underestimate both the willingness of their fellow citizens to fight climate change and the prevailing social norms. This misconception also influences their own willingness to fight climate change. Climate-friendly behavior could therefore be promoted through appropriate education.

One in five doubts the scientific consensus on man-made climate change

While the vast majority of Germans are convinced that climate change exists and that it is man-made, 22 percent of respondents expressed climate skepticism. According to the survey, in addition to general skepticism about science, there is also a widespread misconception that science disagrees about the existence and causes of climate change. However, most arguments against additional climate protection do not find support among a large proportion of respondents.

Dissatisfaction with climate policy and concerns about the consequences of climate change are high

The majority of Germans consider the measures taken so far by the German government to combat climate change to be inadequate and would be prepared to sacrifice personal freedoms for better climate protection. This view could be an expression of the pronounced concern about climate change and its consequences. To cushion the social costs of climate protection, the majority is in favor of a climate soli.

Read more: https://news.briq-institute.org/de/2022/09/01/bereitschaft-der-deutschen-zum-klimaschutz/

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