11. October 2022

Job Market Candidates of 2022/23 Job Market Candidates of 2022/23

These are the Job Market Candidates for 2022/23 of the Department of Economics.

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Doctoral Students

Kailin Chen

Job Market Paper: Learning from Strategic Sources

Areas: Microeconomics Theory, Information Economics

References: Stephan Lauermann, Sven Rady, Benny Moldovanu

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/chenkailin

Cavit Görkem Destan

Job Market Paper: Active Participation Bias

Areas: Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics

References: Florian Zimmermann, Thomas Dohmen, Sebastian Kube

Website: https://www.cgdestan.com/

Sonja Dobkowitz

Job Market Paper: Labor Income Taxes and Effective Environmental Policy

Areas: Macroeconomics, Inequality, Public Finance, Environmental Economics

References: Keith Kuester, Pavel Brendler, Farzad Saidi

Website: https://sonjadobkowitz.wordpress.com/

Ricardo Duque Gabriel

Job Market Paper: The Credit Channel of Public Procurement

Areas: Macroeconomics, Finance

References: Moritz Schularick, Donghai Zhang, Farzad Saidi

Website: https://ricardoduquegabriel.netlify.app/

Twitter: @Ricardo_Duque_

Matthias Gnewuch

Areas: Macroeconomics

References: Keith Küster, Donghai Zhang, Christian Bayer

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/matthiasgnewuch

Laurenz Richard Kuno Günther

Job Market Paper: Political Representation Gaps in Europe: Causes and Consequences

Areas: Behavioral Economics, Economic History, Political Economics

References: Florian Zimmermann, Sebastian Kube, Moritz Schularick

Website: https://laurenzguenther.eu/

Twitter: @GuentherLaurenz

Luca Henkel

Job Market Paper: Proud to Not Own Stocks: How Identity Shapes Financial Decisions

Areas: Behavioral Economics, Household Finance, Applied Microeconomics

References: Armin Falk, Roland Bénabou, Florian Zimmermann, Farzad Saidi

Website: https://luca-henkel.github.io/

Twitter: @Henkel_Lu

Marta Kozakiewicz

Job Market Paper: Belief-Based Utility and Signal Interpretation

Areas: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics

References: Lorenz Götte, Florian Zimmermann

Website: https://marta-kozakiewicz.github.io/

Sophie Alexandra Kreutzkamp

Areas: Microeconomic Theory

References: Dezsö Szalay, Benny Moldovanu, Philipp Strack

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/sophiekreutzkamp

Patrick Lahr

Areas: Microeconomic Theory, Mechanism Design, Social Choice Theory

References: Benny Moldovanu, Felix Bierbrauer, Aleh Tsyvinsky

Website: https://www.patricklahr.com/

Axel Niemeyer

Job market paper: Posterior implementability in an n-person decision problem

Areas: Microeconomic Theory, with a particular focus on Mechanism Design without transfers

References: Benny Moldovanu, Daniel Krähmer

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/axelniemeyer

Justus Preusser

Job Market Paper: Simple Allocation with Correlated Types

Areas: Microeconomic Theory, Mechanism Design, Allocation with monetary Transfers, Information Design in Games

References: Stephan Lauermann, Benny Moldovanu

Website: https://jpreusser.github.io/

Paul Schäfer

Areas: Behavioral Economics, Applied Microeconometrics, Experimental Economics, Mechanism Design

References: Lorenz Götte, Florian Zimmermann 

Kailin Chen
Kailin Chen © BGSE
Cavit Görkem Destan
Cavit Görkem Destan © BGSE
Sonja Dobkowitz
Sonja Dobkowitz © BGSE
Matthias Gnewuch
Matthias Gnewuch © BGSE
Laurenz Richard Kuno Günther
Laurenz Richard Kuno Günther © BGSE
Luca Henkel
Luca Henkel © BGSE
Sophie Alexandra Kreutzkamp
Sophie Alexandra Kreutzkamp © BGSE
Patrick Lahr
Patrick Lahr © BGSE
Axel Niemeyer
Axel Niemeyer © BGSE
Justus Preusser
Justus Preusser © BGSE
Ricardo Duque Gabriel
Ricardo Duque Gabriel © BGSE
Paul Schäfer
Paul Schäfer © BGSE
Marta Kozakiewicz
Marta Kozakiewicz © BGSE
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