11. May 2022

New locker cards starting May 16 New locker cards starting May 16

Starting May 16, the new locker cards for the lockers in the Juridicum will be available.

The new locker cards are issued free of charge to students of the Faculty of Law and Economics. They will be issued at the supervisor's desk of the Law Department's library. The issuance will be noted on the student's ID card, just as the activation has been noted so far.

New locker cards
New locker cards © Bernadett Yehdou/ Universität Bonn
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The students of other faculties as well as non-university members who visit one of the two seminar libraries can borrow a locker card from the library supervisor for the duration of the visit.

Please remember the deadline for returning your previous copy card and also locker card. Until 31.12.2022, you will receive a refund of the card balance and the card deposit upon return of the card. The company responsible is Römer-Copy GmbH, Dellweg 53, 53117 Bonn. The refund will be made by bank transfer, so please give us your bank details when you hand in or send us your card.

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